Our vision at summer villages is to create memories. We provide you a relaxing time of your life and wish to make your dreams realize.
Alberta is a part of Canadian Territory and comes into existence on 1st Sep 1905. Summer villages are grown from the resorts heaving cottages, where we receive residents in summer season only. The climate in Alberta is warm in summers and cold in winters. Its temperature ranges from around -50 degrees in winters to average 32 degrees in summers.
Alberta has more than 50 summer villages. The summer villages were said to be founded way back in 1913. All the summer villages in Alberta together act as a community with less than 300 residents living permanently.

In 1995 the Legislature amend the rule and stating that the existed summer villages can be continued to operate but there will not be any new summer village constructed. Also the summer villages will not be a type of municipality. There are 54 summer villages existing. Island Lake is our largest summer village.

The Election are conducted between among our residents each year in the summer time and tenure for living in summer villages is for three months as no one resides in the winters.

Leisure Activities at summer villages
Just imagine about your day of leisure, full of fun at the beach, relaxing in the sun, playing games and many more. People of all ages can enjoy their holidays by relaxing in our natural habitat. Remember the time when you have enjoyed with your family and friends. The summer village is full of cleanliness and calmness with a unique mixture of nature to share their love with everyone.

The area around our summer villages is filled with wildlife forests, beautiful lakes and hills. We not only take care of our cottages but we also drive Lake Stewardship. We preserve our lakes by our own efforts and maintain it and also take steps to protect its natural ecological balance. We provide a reference Guide which will be for those who want to appreciate our lakes and provide handful contribution in lake stewardship.